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2 Leg Workouts with Trainer Trish!

Intent is key! With the right intention you can make any workout demanding and challenging.

Here are 2 workouts you can do, 1 with just a band and 1 using only sprints.

The Sprint Workout

You can make "just" sprints your entire workout. Any sprinter knows though, sprints can be enough. We provide a very general warm up, but make sure you listen to your body and take your time getting ready. Not everyone can sprint with maximal intensity too, so for those who use a slower pace, we've added the option to use walking lunges in the workout to create enough of a stimulus to force your body to adapt to. With a full warm up and sprint routine, this should only take 20 to 30 minutes but have you done at the end.

The Band Resisted Leg Workout

Bands offer a variety of options when training the legs. Here we outline a full workout you can do.

The lighter the band, or the less tension you use, aim for higher reps (12+). A stronger band or using more tension would warrant lower reps (12 and under).

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