One on One

Classic one-on-one personal training sessions offered out of our facility here in Braselton, Georgia. This includes 3 or 4 semi-private sessions a week, complete with customized programming based on your previous training experience and current goals. If you are interested or have any further questions contact us and we will be happy to help!

Partner Training

Already have a workout partner? Bring them along. Our partner training brings in some extra motivation. You will be coached on the same customized program, working out together, but still get the attention and aid that a traditional one-on-one environment provides. Don’t worry, if your partner cancels for a day, you can still come and get your workout in with your coach.

Kid's Training

All ages are welcome here at 5 Rings Barbell. Small, tall, active in sports, and everything in between. We coach children on the basics of using their muscles correctly while developing their natural strength & athletic ability to the next level.

Satellite Training

If you already have a gym but would like us to work with you on your program, the Satellite Training Program may be what you are looking for. This option allows you keep your current gym membership while being coached through 5 Rings Barbell. This option does require coming to 5 Rings two to three times a month to go through your new program to ensure that all variables are followed as intended. Email communication is open for all questions and concerns. If this sounds like something you are interested in contact 5 Rings to schedule your first consult!

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Barbell Club



Athlete Membership - must be a registered athlete with USAW or recognized powerlifting association -OR- legitimately retired athlete with proven history. Train with like minded serious athletes in a dedicated barbell club with the best equipment.



Programming - Only for those in the athlete membership who want programming done for them. For any level, any goal.

3. $160/mo

Group Class Membership - For those wishing to learn the lifts in a group setting. Classes will be 3x a week, and taught by national level coaches / athletes. Good for beginners to intermediates.



1 on 1 Coaching - for those wanting the full attention of the coach. Highly recommended for beginners, but suited for everyone up to elites. Prices based on training frequency. Contact for details