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Jance Footit - owner

Strength & conditioning specialist as well as an Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). In hindsight I can easily say that my life has played in a way to make me very well suited for strength coaching. I have been exposed to nearly every kind of physical activity since an early age, competing in many sports at high levels, and continue to explore the limits even today. In addition to my involvement in sports I have also made a name for myself in the amount of traveling I have done to acquire knowledge, certifications, and experience with the aim at elevating my abilities as a coach and therapist. I will leave no stone upturned when it comes to helping my athletes. While we do train powerlifters and weightlifters here, we have had many athletes pass through our doors from gymnasts, pole vaulters, golfer, tennis players, and of course many of the professional sports as well. 

LMT (MT012983), Full body Active Release Therapy (ART), Level 3 medical Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)

Support Every Step of the Way


Knowledge is empowerment. 5 Rings Barbell strives to educate our clients. Our mission is to help you to feel empowered over your nutrition, your lifestyle habits, and your body. Moving a weight when someone tells you to is easy, but knowing how, why, and what it will do for you is the missing link to longevity in fitness. We pride ourselves on coaching and cultivating here at 5 Rings Barbell.


Individuals require a personalized approach

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"Jance is an outstanding coach who will never stop learning ways to make his clients better. When you work with Jance, you won't just get a cookie-cutter program, but one that is tailored to your goals, limitations, ability, and rate of progression..."

Ryan Faehnle

"Jance is easily one of the most knowledgeable and competent strength coaches in the industry. You will feel equipped and empowered to do execute your personal best both in and out of the gym. Be forewarned- he will not accept excuses. And if you're being honest, you know that's exactly what you need."

Sarah Krzaczkowski

"Competing in 4 Olympic Games and coaching one of the top track teams in the country, I immediately was impressed with facility and coach..."

Jud Logan


"Today is victory over yourself; tomorrow is victory over lesser men"


847 Ga-124, suite F Braselton GA United States 30517

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