Adult Education Course

Jance Footit, owner

Who I am and the name 5 Rings Barbell are intertwined.

When I was in high school, instead of hanging out in groups before school or during lunch, I was in the library reading about the old martial arts masters, Ueshiba, Funakoshi, Musashi. These were the books that were truly my first steps into strength and conditioning. I enrolled in several schools of martial arts during my teenage years, while also mimicking anything I could out of Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding. A few years out of high school, I enlisted in the Marines, which became undoubtedly the biggest influence of my life. There I learned about the limits of the body as well what true leadership looked and performed like. I collected more information on health and fitness, while also trying my hand at many other sports. I boxed, trained under a Muay Thai champion from Peru, MMA, and worked to run an 18 minute 3 mile. While finishing up my service I came across Charles Poliquin. His courses were what set me up for success in this industry. For over a decade, I have been traveling the world. Striving to learn from the best coaches, doctors, and nutritionists in order to collect the best information while actively competing in strongman, weightlifting, powerlifting, and highland games.

I opened and steer 5 Rings Barbell under the same philosophy found in the art of japanese tea ceremony. It is not the end result where beauty is found, it is the process. The moment is what matters, being here and present with my clients during their journey.
    Now while running 5 Rings, I continue to learn from the best around the world. I bring the best coaches from all over the globe here for seminars so others can share in learning.  I always have and always will continue to traveling for the latest and greatest information out there so that I can best help my clients.